About Us

TriEst Irrigation focuses on total solutions for the grower so they can achieve higher crop yields using available irrigation water more efficiently. The company's goal is to be a one-stop-shop for growers offering:

  • High quality plant irrigation and nutrition solutions
  • Experienced system designers
  • Great name brand products, parts, and plant nutrition
  • Knowledgeable sales representatives
  • Exceptional service
  • 8 Convenient locations in NC, SC, GA, & FL
  • Online shopping

From the home gardener to the commercial grower TriEst Irrigation can assist in achieving higher yields and better overall quality. 

Our History

On January 2, 2015 BB Hobbs Company and United Irrigation Supply merged together as partner irrigation companies, before coming under one name, TriEst Irrigation, 11 months later on November 5, 2015. 

BB Hobbs had been in the irrigation, fertigation, and waste management industries since 1988 with 1 location in both North & South Carolina and 2 locations in Florida. For nearly 3 decades, BB Hobbs Company helped countless growers implement strategies and mechanisms to vastly improve their crop yields. United Irrigation Supply was founded in 1979 and became a leader in irrigation services in the Southeast with 2 locations in Georgia and 2 locations in Florida. Together, as TriEst Irrigation, the 2 companies have more than 60 years of irrigation knowledge and expertise. 

Liberty Acres Fertilizer Corporation, is a partner company of TriEst Irrigation, offering agronomic and fertilizer solutions to growers. The company has operated a clear liquid fertilizer manufacturing facility since 1991 and has since expanded its product line to include a full array of plant nutrition products.

Our Mission Statement

Utilize engineering and biological sciences to help our customers produce:

  • Increased amounts of fruits, vegetables, and fiber to feed and clothe an increasing population on a decreasing amount of farmland.
  • More and higher quality plant materials to beautify and improve the quality of life as urban development utilizes more and more of our land.
  • Environmentally sound, innovative waste water and land application recycling methods to preserve our waters, protect our health, and better utilize our land resources as our population continues to expand.


TriEst Irrigation proudly serves

the Southeast in many locations:


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