Garden Kits

on Tuesday, 31 March 2015. Posted in Press Room

Garden Kits

Drip irrigation isn't just for the commercial farmer. Residential gardeners can achieve an efficient drip irrigation system for their own vegetable garden on a smaller scale. Drip irrigation is an irrigation method that saves water by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants from the soil surface.

TriEst Irrigation sells a small 10 Row Garden Kit that includes everything needed to set up small scale drip irrigation system. Click Here to see the kit. The 10 Row Garden Kit includes:

  • One 1000 foot roll of 5/8", 8 mil, 12 inch spacing drip tape, 0.5GPM/100ft, max pressure 10psi
  • One 100 foot roll of 5/8" PE Tubing
  • One 12psi regulator
  • One Filter
  • One FTT16 (To split the direction)
  • FAS16 (To connect the tubing to the pressure regulator)
  • Two figure 8s
  • 10 Pieces of TLOC 250B06LS (250 Series Barb Adapters)
  • One 3-mm Punch Tool
  • Set-up diagram

Our kit includes PE tubing to act as the mainline that connects the drip tape lines to the garden water outlet. The drip tape included allows for evenly spaced emission of water to the root zones of the plants. A pressure regulator is included in the kit to keep a constant water pressure to maintain the desired performance of the drip tape despite varying water inlet pressures from the garden faucet/hose.3/4" filter, with a 150 mesh stainless steel screen, is included to prevent the drip lines from clogging. The T-Loc fittings and punch in the kit connect the drip tape lines to the PE Tubing. We include 2 figure 8s to tie the ends of the PE Tubing. The diagram depicts how the kit could possibly be laid out in a garden and the picture below shows how the garden kit fits together starting from the water source.

Garden Kit Assembly 3.1.16