New Product Line!

on Friday, 10 April 2015. Posted in Press Room

New Product Line!

Liberty Acres Fertilizer is now a proud dealer of AgBio Logic products! You can find the full line of AgBio Logic products in our online store under Foliar Nutrition. You may also call Liberty Acres at 1-800-597-8903 or your TriEst Irrigation/Liberty Acres salesman to purchase AgBio Logic products today!

AgBio Logic was founded in 1991 to promote products utilizing biostimulants and biologicals. Some of which are humic acids, beneficial soil bacteria, fungi, enzymes, and seaweed extracts. N-P-K and micronutrients additions are crop specific.

Known benefits which are not all inclusive are as follows:

  • Improves growth of various group of beneficial micro-organism
  • Promotes the conversion (chelation) of a number of elements into forms available to plants
  • Improves the soil physical properties
  • Enhances the physiological action necessary to promote root growth, bud initiation, flower set, and inhibits the plant's production of ethylene during times of stress

More detailed information on biostimulants and biologicals can be found on their web site You may also read about individual AgBio Logic products at under Foliar Nutrition. Click here to visit Foliar Nutrition now!