Pivot Sprinklers

on Tuesday, 01 September 2015. Posted in Press Room

Pivot Sprinklers

Pivot Sprinklers: Nelson R3000 Rotator® Series

Smart irrigation is now at the forefront of decision making because choosing a sprinkler isn’t just about getting water to a plant anymore. It is important to take into account soil compaction and runoff or how to help prevent wind-drift and evaporation.

The Nelson R3000 Rotator® Series sprinkler offers pivot users uniform coverage for lower application rates, longer soak time, reduced soil compaction, and reduced runoff. R3000 sprinklers can be mounted on top or drop mounted to minimize wind drift and evaporation loss.

For more information on the Nelson R3000 Rotator® Series sprinkler follow the links below or call your local TriEst Irrigation branch. We are proud dealers of Nelson Irrigation products.

Nelson Pivot Brochure:  http://www.nelsonirrigation.com/media/resources/PIVOT_brochure.pdf

Nelson 3000 Series Center Pivot Sprinklers:  https://youtu.be/1L0fGuLXYnA

Nelson R3000 Orange Plate Center Pivot Sprinkler: https://youtu.be/oz2wDqs_FnY


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