Top 6 Reasons to Buy Reinke

on Tuesday, 04 August 2015. Posted in Press Room

Top 6 Reasons to Buy Reinke

Center Pivots are common to row crop irrigation and there are quite a few manufacturers to choose from. You may find yourself asking why choose a Reinke over the others and the answers are clear.

1. Industry Leader in the Strength to Weight Ratio – A Reinke system eliminates 3 extra tons of soil-compacting weight when compared to competitor machines. Those 3 extra tons don’t mean a loss in strength though. Reinke uses high-strength, low-alloy steel on all critical structural components including water pipe, tower bases, tower legs, and truss rods making the entire structure radically lighter, more agile yet stronger.

2. Multi-directional Hook and Receiver Pipe – All Reinke Center Pivots are equipped with a multi-directional hook and receiver pipe joint connection that is placed directly in the center. This enables flexibility across challenging terrain, plus the internal joint allows the boot to flex without being excessively stretched, furthering longevity. This type of joint connection does affect water flow, but according to a study by Clemson University it is minimal. As you can see in the chart below Reinke has the superior engineering. 

Reinke Friction Loss Comparison


Reinke Tower Leg and Wheel in Corn3. Unique Single-Leg Tower – Reinke tower legs are constructed of 2 single 6” channel legs. They are made of roll-formed, 60,000 psi yield, C-channel, 9 gauge galvanized steel. The clean, open design of the tower minimizes the obstruction of the sprinkler pattern and the deflection of water directly into the track. The narrow profile of the single leg tower allows passage through taller crops with minimal contact.


Reinke V Ring Set Display4. Guaranteed V-Ring Seal – Reinke’s V-ring seal leaves a smooth, almost seamless joint inside the pipe with no disruption of water flow unlike the competitors’ T-gasket that leaves an internal lip. This almost seamless joint doesn’t expose the V-ring seal to harmful UV-rays. The V-ring seal also provides a stronger flange-to-flange connection that will not allow spans to sag or settle over time. It’s so strong, and Reinke believes in it so much, they guarantee it! 


Reinke Span5. Spans Engineered for High Performance – Span water pipe is supported by a high-strength, rolled truss assemblies, spaced every 19 feet (not 20 or 22 feet) for even load distribution. The truss rods (5/8” or ¾” diameter) are universal in length and made of high-strength, low alloy steel.


6. Welded Sprinkler Outlets – Reinke welds a tapered ¾” stainless steel half coupler to their chromium nickel water pipe to create a strong, long-life fitting for connecting all sprinkler devices. Unlike flow-drilled couplers, welds never disrupt water flow and are inherently stronger.


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In both North and South Carolina we have Reinke certified service people who are qualified to service all pivot brands. 

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