Top 8 Reasons to Use an SDI System

on Wednesday, 28 September 2016. Posted in Press Room

Subsurface Irrigation SystemsTop 8 Reasons to use a Subsurface Drip Irrigation System

Subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) is where dripline is permanently buried beneath the soil’s surface, rather than laid on top of the soil as in traditional drip irrigation, supplying water directly to plant roots. The depth and distance the dripline is placed varies on the soil type and the plant’s root structure. Water is pumped under low pressure from the source through a filtering system to the tubing. The drippers slowly emit specific amounts of water directly to the root zone of the plant.


Reason # 1 - Water Efficiency

Using an SDI system makes for efficient water usage. Studies have shown that crops grown under SDI can reduce water use up to 40%. Systems designed by our company have an emission efficiency rating that typically exceeds ASAE standards of 80-90% on flat terrain. Water is delivered directly where it is needed at the plant roots and because it is delivered underground there is no loss to evaporation, run-off, or wind drift compared to sprinkler systems that have efficiencies of 70-80%. 


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Reason #2 - Fertilizer Efficiency

An SDI system is also an efficient way to fertilize plants, because the fertilizer can be directly applied to the root zone in a quantity and time that will benefit the plant best. The delivery system also contains the fertilizer to just the plant, reducing leaching of plant nutrients and eliminating run-off of fertilizer and overspray on non-target surfaces.


Reason #3 - Easily Automated

SDI systems can be easily automated from start to finish for less time spent in the field monitoring irrigation and fertilizer components. An automated system helps ensure efficient use of water and fertilizer.


Reason #4 - Unrestricted Field Access

An SDI system provides unrestricted travel for field operations such as spraying and harvesting.


Reason #5 - Reduces Costs

More efficient pumping as a low pressure system reduces energy use. System delivers nutrients more efficiently for potentially lower fertilizer use. A dry soil surface reduces costly weed germination and disease problems. 


Reason #6 - Field Adaptation

SDI works on any field size and shape with almost no waste and is an efficient option to make dry land productive.


Reason #7 - Increase in Crop Yield

Many growers see a minimum of 10% to 20% crop yield increase with others seeing much more.


Reason #8 - Fast Payback and Greater Long-Term Returns

Higher crop yields lead to higher profits right away. Growers see installation payback in 4-6 years in most cases. Some systems have paid back in 2 years! SDI systems, with proper maintenance, have up to 25 years of long-term performance.

Our company can design a system for you, sell you all of the components, install it for you, and work with you to keep your irrigation system in top performance for years to come. Click here and contact us today!