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 TriEst Irrigation boasts decades of experience in the areas of all types of irrigation and fertigation design for growers in areas of:

  • Commercial vegetable
  • Nursery
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Traditional Row Crops
  • Orchard/grove
  • Greenhouse

Our design team works with both our outside sales staff and the grower to develop efficient and cost-effective irrigation designs that meet the grower’s needs. 

Our design team prepares:

  • Comprehensive plans and specifications.
  • Design details.
  • Irrigation scheduling recommendations.
  • Material specifications and cost estimates.


Drip Irrigation Systems

DripSystemsStrawberry 600PX

Drip irrigation is the slow application of water to the root zone area near the plant. This type of system provides needed water to the plant without irrigating large portions of unplanted ground. Some reasons to use a drip system:

  • Evaporation losses are minimized since water is applied at or below ground level.
  • Effect of wind on the wetting pattern is zero.
  • Drip irrigation provides improved infiltration in soils with low intake capacity.
  • Lower required water pressure reduces energy costs.
  • Plant protection from diseases and insects is improved by not wetting plant leaves.
  • Fertilizers and chemicals can safely be applied through the system.

TriEst Irrigation is an industry-leading provider of drip irrigation and fertigation systems for commercial farms. Our drip systems, combined with high-quality liquid fertilizer programs, have been proven to drastically increase crop yield and crop quality.

Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation Systems

SDI Systems 600PXOur sub-surface drip irrigation (SDI) systems are saving growers more money than ever before while returning increased crop yields. An SDI system consists of flexible polyethylene tubing connected to drippers. The system is typically buried in the soil in rows 40" to 60" inches apart and 12" to 18" deep, depending on the crop.

Once installed, water is sent to through the tubing to the crops by way of a filtration system. From there, the drippers disperse the optimal amount of water to allow the plant to uptake as much as possible. The sub-surface drip irrigation system combined with a specially blended fertigation-grade liquid fertilizer from Liberty Acres typically leads to higher profits with lower labor costs.

Benefits of sub-surface drip irrigation systems include:

  • Reduced labor costs-- lower labor requirements; labor can be further reduced by drip automation
  • Crop yield increases-- growers typically see increases of 10-20% (much more in some cases)
  • Up to 95% water efficiency-- drip is delivered to the root zone at the perfect rate of plant uptake
  • Quick investment payback-- you’ll start seeing higher yields and profits right away. 

Download our SDI system brochure.

Fertigation Systems

Fertigation Injection 600PX

TriEst Irrigation can design fertigation and injection systems to help further enhance crop yield.

Fertigation is the application of liquid or dissolved fertilizer through irrigation. This system usually includes a fertigation tank to store the fertilizer and a device to inject the fertilizer into the pipeline.

TriEst Irrigation can integrate it into your standard or sub-surface drip irrigation system to help increase your overall yield (and profits).

We recommend using Liberty Acres Fertilizer’s fertigation-grade liquid fertilizer. Liberty Acres Fertilizer manufactures complete nutrient blends that can contain N, P, K, Ca, Mg, B, CU, Mn, Mo, Zn, and Fe. All fertilizers are blended to order and can be specifically crafted based on soil and crop type.

Learn more about Liberty Acres and its services by clicking here.

Reinke Pivot Systems

PivotSystems 600PX

TriEst Irrigation offers Reinke pivot irrigation systems. With a reputation for efficiency, light weight design, and long life-span, Reinke is the center pivot system of choice for many growers.

TriEst Irrigation staffs Reinke certified service technicians who can service all pivot brands. If you’re interested in learning more about Reinke’s center pivot system, please contact us.

For information about our Reinke Pivot Point & Tower Service Package click here. For more information about Reinke click here.


TriEst Irrigation also designs systems using:

  • Travelers for irrigation and wastewater disposal from hog lagoons, holding ponds, etc.
  • Seep or ditch systems

If it involves irrigation, TriEst Irrigation can design, service, and install it.




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