Reinke Irrigation Systems

TriEst Irrigation is a proud authorized dealer of Reinke irrigation systems and parts. You can count on us to:

  • Provide a custom design that fits your soil, terrain and water supply needs
  • Install your system and see that it runs correctly
  • Make sure you have the knowledge to keep it operating smoothly
  • Follow up with ongoing service and support

Sales and Service

Pivot 3TriEst Irrigation and Reinke understand how important qualified service technicians are to producers when they make their buying decision. One of the most elite technical service designations awarded by Reinke is the PLUS (Proven Leaders in Unmatched Service) Certified Technician award.  

TriEst Irrigation has PLUS and Platinum PLUS Certified Technicians on staff at both North and South Carolina Reinke dealerships who are qualified to service all pivot brands. These technicians have completed a series of technical service training classes and received very high marks on all testing. Our technicians also attend continuing education to consistently build upon the level of service capabilities.

Contact us today to talk to someone about installing a Reinke system on your farm. We have Reinke dealerships in Darlington, South Carolina and Clinton, North Carolina. Both locations have Reinke replacement parts available for purchase and people on-site to assist you with questions.

  • Brock Harwell, SC Reinke Sales Rep - 843.307.2090
  • Fabry Stroud, NC Reinke Sales Rep - 252.341.8942

We offer a year-round Reinke Pivot Point & Tower Service Package to increase the life and operation of your pivot. For more information please click here or contact your local sales representative.

Center Pivot

The Reinke pivot point is engineered to with-stand the stress and force exerted on it by the pivot system under all field conditions.  The clean open design allows easy access to the controls while it provides a safer setting and simple access to other components requiring minimal maintenance.  It can easily be retro-fitted to any substantial competitive pivot pad when the need to upgrade existing equipment is required.

Center Pivots are common to row crop irrigation and there are quite a few manufacturers and dealers to choose from. You may find yourself asking why choose Reinke and TriEst Irrigation over the others and the answers are clear. 

Reinke Pivot Point EmailIndustry Leader in the Strength to Weight Ratio –A Reinke system eliminates 3 extra tons of soil-compacting weight when compared to competitor machines. Those 3 extra tons don’t mean a loss in strength though. Reinke uses high-strength, low-alloy steel on all critical structural components including water pipe, tower bases, tower legs, and truss rods making the entire structure radically lighter, more agile yet stronger.

Multi-directional Hook and Receiver Pipe –All Reinke Center Pivots are equipped with a multi-directional hook and receiver pipe joint connection that is placed directly in the center. This enables flexibility across challenging terrain, plus the internal joint allows the boot to flex without being excessively stretched, furthering longevity.

Unique Single-Leg Tower –Reinke tower legs are constructed of 2 single 6” channel legs. They are made of roll-formed, 60,000 psi yield, C-channel, 9 gauge galvanized steel. The clean, open design of the tower minimizes the obstruction of the sprinkler pattern and the deflection of water directly into the track. The narrow profile of the single leg tower allows passage through taller crops with minimal contact.

Guaranteed V-Ring Seal –Reinke’s V-ring seal leaves a smooth, almost seamless joint inside the pipe with no disruption of water flow unlike the competitors’ T-gasket that leaves an internal lip. This almost seamless joint doesn’t expose the V-ring seal to harmful UV-rays. The V-ring seal also provides a stronger flange-to-flange connection that will not allow spans to sag or settle over time. It’s so strong, and Reinke believes in it so much, they guarantee it!

Spans Engineered for High Performance –Span water pipe is supported by a high-strength, rolled truss assemblies, spaced every 19 feet (not 20 or 22 feet) for even load distribution. The truss rods (5/8” or ¾” diameter) are universal in length and made of high-strength, low alloy steel. 

Welded Sprinkler Outlets –Reinke welds a tapered ¾” stainless steel half coupler to their chromium nickel water pipe to create a strong, long-life fitting for connecting all sprinkler devices. Unlike flow-drilled couplers, welds never disrupt water flow and are inherently stronger.

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Lateral Move

Lateral Move End 500PXTravel straight across square and rectangular fields with Reinke lateral move systems. These high-strength steel systems can irrigate nearly 100% of these fields.

4-Wheel Power Tower/Hose Pull

Ideal for large fields. Floating axles keep all four tires on the ground, allowing this unit to pull large hoses (up to 8-inch diameter).

2-Wheel Power Tower/Hose Pull

This unit can carry a self-contained power supply with forward and reverse tow options or the pivot option. Hose pull systems feature double inlets, internal check valves and quick coupler connections on both ends of the power tower. Double end feed option available.

Canal feed

Compact, clean design with a self-contained power unit. Carries its own pumping equipment and generator. Use of the center feed option in larger fields provides annual energy savings by reducing system pressure loss.

Pivoting Lateral

Reinke’s Pivoting Lateral Move System with integrated GPS guidance technology, is an ideal system for your irregular shaped fields by combining the benefits of a center pivot with those of a lateral move system.

The Pivoting Lateral Move System doesn’t fall short on controls. Unlike the competition, the system can be programmed to suit your needs, whether it’s a pivot here, or a lateral there, you can easily program your system using the industry’s only Pivoting Lateral Field Designer. The system can also be setup to autonomously move between a pivot stage and a lateral stage.

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Swing Arm Corner

SAC 500PX WideThe Swing Arm Corner System (SAC) lets you get more irrigated acres without buying more land or setting up a new water system. Our exclusive swing span design provides uniform application of water and chemicals and can be retrofitted on existing Reinke systems or on many competitor systems.

The SAC allows operators to change the orientation to either a “leading” or “following” position to increase the number of irrigated acres in part circle applications. 

Reinke offers the following Swing Arm Corner sizes:

  • Mini-SAC: Featuring a 156' span and 51' end boom. Provides 207' of coverage (approximately 297' with end gun)
  • Mini-SAC: Featuring a 175' span and 61' end boom. Provides 236' of coverage (approximately 326' with end gun)
  • Standard  SAC: Featuring a 194' span and 86' end boom. Provides 280' of coverage (approximately 370' with end gun)
  • Super SAC: Featuring a 213' span and 105' end boom. Provides 318' of coverage (approximately 408' with end gun)

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