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Liberty Acres Fertilizer believes that plant nutrition is an important part of the process of producing desired crop quality and yields. We offer growers a complete plant nutrition line to assist in acheiving their crop goals.

Liquid Fertilizer

We offer our growers a high quality, fertigation grade, liquid fertilizer that is custom blended to fit any production need and system. Our custom blends are stable and concentrated with no agitation required. All of our liquid fertilizer is manufactured to ensure content quality and accuracy.

Characteristics of our liquid fertilizers include:

  • Targeted nutrient placement
  • Customizable completely water soluble blends
  • Controlled salt concentration

All Liberty Acres liquid fertilizers are:

  • Filtered
  • Double decanted
  • Blended to order
  • Sampled on every load
  • Dependable
  • Consistent

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Dry Fertilizer

Ranging from bagged conventional blends to bulk custom control release materials, Liberty Acres offers a complete line of dry fertilizer products that can be customized to meet your needs. Each dry fertilizer blend is created to match soil status, management scheme, and crop demand.

Characteristics of dry fertilizer products include:

  • Standard material base blends
  • Low salt specific blends
  • Chlorine-free blends
  • Acidifying blends
  • Control release Nitrogen, Potassium, and Sulfur options
  • Premium secondary and minor nutrients. 

Foliar Nutrition

Liberty Acres offers a wide variety of foliar nutrition products. The premium brand offering is Metalosate, manufactured by Albion Advanced Nutrition. Metalosate is an amino acid chelated mineral product and is extremely effective.

Liberty Acres’ foliar nutrition products are:

  • Effective with rapid absorption
  • Weatherfast in hours
  • Highly efficient with low use rates
  • Very compatible and highly cost effective
  • Extremely safe

Browse Liberty Acres’ foliar nutrition products here.

Systemic Foliar Products

In addition to liquid and dry fertilizers, Liberty Acres offer systemic foliar products to help your crops stay healthy while they grow. Systemic foliar products contain a fungicide that kills pathogens found in the soil and on the plant itself. In addition, systemic foliar products contain nutrients and stimulants to build plant health and strength while improving the plant’s immune system.

Liberty Acres’ systemic foliar products provide:

  • Improved plant health
  • Improved bloom/fruit retention
  • Enhanced nutrient retention
  • Increased microbial activity.

Browse Liberty Acres’ Systemic Foliar products here.

Organic Acid Products

If you want to maximize your fertilizer’s potential, an organic acid product from Liberty Acres can certainly do the trick. Designed to improve nutrient uptake, water retention, and soil fertility, Liberty Acres’ organic acid products contain naturally occurring nutrient compounds in liquid form.

Organic acid products from Liberty Acres:

  • Improve the uptake of nutrients
  • Assist in soil remediation
  • Improve root structure & development
  • Increase microbial activity
  • Boost seed germination
  • Increase yield
  • Reduce fertilizer runoff
  • Promote healthier crops
  • Improve water retention
  • Increase antioxidant activity
  • Stimulate plant enzymes
  • Prevent disease & heat stress
  • Enhance soil fertility
  • Promote ecological balance

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